dissabte, 8 de desembre de 2012


The last book I’ve read is called Happy ever after (Para siempre). It is written by an american author called Nora Roberts. I have this book because my grandmother gave it to me. The book is about a girl that is alone and meet a boy who then loves her.

The main characters are Parker and Malcom. Other characters are Laurel, Mac and Emma. In the beginning of the book Parker and Mal meet and go to a very small and romantic restaurant. First Parker doesn’t like Malcom but they meet another time. Then they broke for a little time because Mal has a very closed personality, but they have a relationship an other time. The story ends when Parker and Mal were in a wedding and Mal asked her to marry him. The most interesting moment in the story for me was when Mal asked her to had a relationship.

I’d definitly recomend this book to anyone who is interested in books of love or similar. I really like this book.

Ester Jordan Collet (4C 12-13)

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